Tuesday, July 12, 2005

beers or brunch?


would you like to meet for beers on friday night OR brunch on saturday?



Blogger db said...

might be going camping this weekend, but if not i am in for either. i'll let you know tomorrow.
yay weekend. =)

11:25 AM

Blogger andrea said...

I'm in for either!

8:58 PM

Blogger andrea said...

I just remembered - Kate has her gin night on Friday. Who's going?

6:50 AM

Blogger db said...

k, i *am* going camping weekend, so i'm out again, but we need cocktails soon. i'll set something up for you guys to come see my new place when i get back.

9:02 AM

Blogger Kate said...

HELLOOOOOO Ladies....G & t night....are you gonna come by? Would really love to have you here....


12:52 PM


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